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1) After a decade of denying my true calling, and since becoming aware that (gender) labels are barriers to reaching full potential, I began to male hustle.

2) Last December in London I met (hustled) Michał Stefanów and was reminded how beautifully creativity can flow through a (seemingly robotic) technological mind.

3) Michal and I entered into a relationship based on our intentions to learn how to communicate better with our higher selves, each-other, and the beautiful souls in this dimension of reality. We made huge strides, believe that, but after an intense few weeks of immersion in eachother we decided to divide and conjure. aka Decentralized Divination 🤜🏼🦄:zap::heart_eyes_cat:🧠

4) sisbro y sisbro, Mano y Mano, blueman + bluehairgirl, together we built a network of people: hackers, ex-drug dealers, anarchists, college drop-outs, rappers, hodlers, classically western-trained doctor turned spiritual healers, aliens, magicians, OG AOL programmers, alchemists, angels, Gods, Goddesses and Gonzos.

5) is the first born project bb of the GVT. Check it out if you’re trying to hustle hard.

6) if you’re already hustlin’ hard then reach out lol bc we’re always looking for a worthy collaborative effort to match my own - quick demo

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